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LOBO Case Study Solution – Amazon Distribution Centre

Mar 7, 2020 | Latest

LOBO Case Study Solution – Amazon Distribution Centre

Mar 7, 2020 | Latest

Issues Raised

Engineers at Amazon fulfilment & distribution centres are required to maintain material handling equipment, conveyors and packaging machinery to ensure their smooth running and full-time operation. Awkward and restricted access areas present additional hazards when working at height and maintenance tasks must routinely be performed where access is extremely difficult. Areas, where typically, standard working at height equipment cannot fit.

Management at Amazon places the highest importance on providing fit for purpose, work at height safety equipment, on which staff have been professionally trained to assemble, inspect and use safely.

Access equipment, which is unstable or rickety or which does not fit properly and is therefore dangerous,
is not allowed on site.

Giving engineers the best product to do the job also helps Amazon to retain staff, and therefore reduce costs.

The LOBO Advanced Platform System is the solution

The LOBO System is a versatile work platform product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding
with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. It is an alternative to scaffolding systems. The unique and patented hand-adjustable clamp, when combined with the tube allows the technician to create a work platform, of any shape or size, without the need for any tools.

The system is made from modular steel components, which are easy and quick to assemble and provide a rock steady and safe working platform. It flat packs for transportation and yet is incredibly strong.

Areas previously awkward to get to can now be accessed by your own engineers or technicians with ease, whenever required.

The LOBO System comprises of trestle legs that vary in size and adjustable extensions with fixed side clamps. Steel tubes can then be passed through the clamps, which are hand tightened to form a structure to suit the application.
Sway braces, toe boards, wheels, handrails, outriggers and a lifting slider beam can be added to enhance the construction.

The LOBO System is scalable, adaptable and adjustable to meet your on-going and changing requirements.
Simply add more components or alter your existing configuration to satisfy the demands of the next task.
Protect your initial investment with a product that will meet all your access needs safely!
The LOBO Hop Up is a single person podium that can be assembled, like the entire LOBO Systems product range, in minutes – without the need for tools.

The New Hop Up flat packs: making for easy transport and storage, is simple to construct and, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, allows safe working at height at even the lowest levels.
It has several adjustable height positions and handrails, to provide a safe alternative to step ladders and comes complete with wheels for mobility.
The design incorporates LOBO’s patented clamp and T-shaped legs, which ensure fast assembly and stability.
The handrails provide all-round safety and meet current Working At Height regulations.

The LOBO Towerstore offers security on or off-site and it provides a secure and yet simple way to store your LOBO components.

Three sizes of LOBO Towerstore for secure storage and transportation

Designed specifically for LOBO’s advanced work platform system, it is fitted with feet for pallet truck or forklift manoeuvrability.
Also, it can be locked with a padlock for security or storage. The Towerstore can be vertically or horizontally mounted to suit the workshop and can be transported for rapid deployment, on and off-site.
The LOBO System can be transported and assembled fast and with ease from a flat pack, into any required configuration, by your own maintenance engineers and technicians.

Options include Lifting Slider beams which can be fitted to the system. And it can be stored in a LOBO Towerstore unit when not in use.
LOBO is a rigid and stable product, which meets or exceeds international safety regulations.

LOBO Systems provides fully certified training for safe assembly, inspection and use.

LOBO training on-site at Amazon

The objective of the LOBO Training Course is to ensure that the trainee will be able to build and dismantle a LOBO Systems tower
and a cantilever system and know how to attach wheels, safely, competently and with confidence.
The course will provide the information needed to ensure the trainee takes all the necessary precautions to avoid the risk of personal injury, injury to others and damage to property
The course will also provide information to give a basic understanding of the safety requirements of the working at height regulations.
However, it is highly recommended that all candidates visit their relevant national Health and Safety websites to make themselves fully familiar with the current working at height regulations:

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