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MillerCoors Brewing

Apr 25, 2019 | Latest

MillerCoors Brewing

Apr 25, 2019 | Latest

MillerCoors Saves $$$ Using Innovative Working At Height Platform

One of the largest brewers in the United States is enjoying massive cost saving benefits following its investment in a British made invention.

MillerCoors Brewing Co, founded in 1855, purchased a LOBO System for its utility department’s use whilst working at height and has since saved $1,600 dollars in scaffolding spend per usage.

LOBO is an innovative work platform that can be configured to meet almost any access application. It is put together without tools and its unique, patented, clamps provide a safe and secure working facility up to a maximum height of ten metres.

Personnel can reconfigure the system easily so that it can be moved from one project to another. “We have been extremely impressed with the flexibility, quality and versatility of LOBO. In a very short period of time it has proved to be a perfect investment for the company,” said Bill Hamilton, Safety Representative at MillerCoors Brewing Co.

“Most of our use for the system comes during our off season period and our utilities department saved a massive $10,000 over the course of just one project – they have since used the system at least 15 times.” added Bill. Robert Bokros, LOBO Systems’ managing director, explained: “LOBO has revolutionised the way industry works safely, at height on both sides of the Atlantic.

Evidence from satisfied users illustrates incredible cuts in scaffolding costs, reduced downtime whilst waiting for it to arrive, erected and less reliance on outside contractors. In most cases the payback time for LOBO is measured in months when compared to conventional scaffolding.

On our website we identify these savings from actual case histories.”

For further information on LOBO Systems visit or phone USA : 1-800-640-5492 UK: +44 (0) 1332 365666

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