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Fire & Rescue Service

Apr 25, 2019 | Latest

Fire & Rescue Service

Apr 25, 2019 | Latest

Urban Search And Rescue Just Got Quicker With LOBO

The UK has an already successful record for urban search and rescue but the capability to lift, cut, remove rubble from collapsed structures, and to locate casualties has just been given an extra boost thanks to a British invention. LOBO is an innovative working at height platform that can be configured to meet any access application from the maintenance of a space shuttle to use in life-saving operations. The National Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) purchased the LOBO Tower System and Trestle Kit earlier this year for use in their everyday work and since have introduced the equipment across 21 of their search and rescue teams. The kit is put together without the use of tools and its unique patented clamp provides a safe and secure working facility up to a maximum height of 10 metres. The equipment is transported on two of the five dedicated search and rescue modules at each location. Kevin Longshaw, station manager for Merseyside Fire & Rescue has experienced first hand the benefits of using LOBO. “My team attended an incident where a large heavy goods vehicle had overturned leaving the driver trapped inside his cab. “We needed a piece of equipment that could be constructed quickly over the top of the vehicle to access the cab area and by using our specialist cutting equipment, free the driver.” “The LOBO System provided the ideal solution, simple to use, robust and quick to assemble, the parts just locked into place.” Prior to using LOBO Kevin and his team operated a dedicated working at height platform but it did have its limitations, it was fixed. By fitting wheels, LOBO can be moved around a site and it can be assembled, taken down and reassembled quickly. It is easy to flat-pack and transport.

“Being on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year means our equipment needs to be top notch, I have found the LOBO instills a lot of confidence in our guys to do the job well. The product is stable but flexible, light but portable.”

Kevin attends training exercises of Urban Search and Rescue teams across the UK and in a recent exercise, the LOBO was used in a mock train crash for construction around the vehicle to assess areas which otherwise may not be reachable without the kit.

“The benefits of the LOBO are shown in its application, it can be constructed round a train or smaller vehicles on the road – the possibilities are endless,” added Kevin.

USAR is just one of many satisfied customers. Evidence from users on both sides of the Atlantic includes incredible cuts in scaffolding costs, reduced downtime and less reliance on outside contractors. LOBO can be safely and securely erected with a minimum of training.

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Notes To Editor:

LOBO’s UK customers cover a range of industries and applications and include the Ministry of Defence, The Home Office, British Energy, The National Trust and Virgin Atlantic.

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