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Work Platform System Granted Approval across all Amazon Fulfilment Centres; North America, Mexico & Canada

Nov 30, 2023 | Latest

Work Platform System Granted Approval across all Amazon Fulfilment Centres; North America, Mexico & Canada

Nov 30, 2023 | Latest

LOBO Systems has been granted full integration approval across all Amazon North America Core Fulfilment locations, marking a significant milestone in the long-standing partnership between the two industry leaders. As the leading provider of versatile access platforms, LOBO solidifies its position as the industry’s trusted and preferred access solution provider.

The identified need for LOBO’s work at height solution has been apparent for many years, especially for conveyor and sortation equipment maintenance in new and existing facilities. With LOBO’s approval for all sites, Amazon can ensure a 24/7 maintenance solution year-round, significantly reducing reliance on outsourced scaffolding contractors. This move reduces costs and streamlines the process of constructing custom-made access solutions.

The pilot program conducted at Amazon LGB7 in Los Angeles proved that the LOBO System dramatically reduces expenditure while minimizing downtime. Additionally, the LOBO System has already been integrated into Amazon’s Sale & Purchase System, enabling each site to order everything they need, including compliance training, effortlessly.

This groundbreaking deal between LOBO Systems and Amazon will open new doors for enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness within the industry. LOBO is thrilled to partner with Amazon and looks forward to revolutionizing access solutions on a broader scale. With this approval, LOBO Systems’ confidence has been bolstered as they continue to provide innovative solutions and excellent service to their clients.

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About LOBO:

LOBO is a leader in the Work Platform industry, providing cutting-edge solutions designed to meet its customers’ needs. With a focus on innovation, LOBO constantly develops new and improved Work Platform systems that offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and versatility.

One of the key features of the LOBO Work Platform is its modular design, which allows for quick and easy setup and takedown. This makes the LOBO Work Platform ideal for multiple applications, from construction and maintenance to painting and cleaning. In addition, the LOBO Work Platform is highly customisable, allowing customers to configure their work platform systems to meet their specific needs.

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