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LOBO does the heavy lifting – while you put your feet up!

Feb 27, 2020 | Latest

LOBO does the heavy lifting – while you put your feet up!

Feb 27, 2020 | Latest

With the LOBO System, seeing really is believing

It’s hard to get across to potential customers the adjustability, flexibility, scalability and safety aspects from either the LOBO website site or from marketing material. For example, we have many case studies and application documents, ready to email out, but they do not always get the attention we would want them to.

Clearly, there is a need for this type of marketing material, the documents are very readable and a necessity, but only when we have the customer’s attention. To address this problem, we have devised a process to show the product benefits and details, where potential customers can ask as many questions as they want, by using Internet meeting software.

To accelerate sales and develop product awareness worldwide we have transformed our sales process to include, at the start of the sale cycle, a live Internet product demonstration. These online meetings only take 15 minutes and are an opportunity for us to meet our customers face to face, all from the comfort of their office.

We actually build a LOBO system using standard demo kit, without any tools, show the system can be made any size they want, to any height up to 10m or 30 feet. With wheels, handrails, toe boards and many other safety features: ending with the cantilever configuration. And this is where the magic starts. By the time the 15 minutes are up, the attendees have had the “Eureka” moment and we are onto the next stage, which is usually a site visit to assess and measure up. 

We work very closely with our global certified distributor network to help them create sales opportunities, so they love this way of working. This process leverages sales and distributor’s sales teams do not have to drive for hours to provide a physical product demonstration. We also use this process to great effect when working with a customer where we don’t have certified distribution. It gives us a fabulous and valuable global capability, especially since we offer our tailored online training program using a similar technique. 

This is the process we use in house in the UK, and we are expanding the process into the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Israel and Australia, so have every reason to think it is a game-changer. We schedule live Internet face to face meetings with potential customers, which have been arranged by our distribution partner’s sales team, worldwide.

This is a process we perform every day and it works really well. We have already road-tested the process which has produced results with Tesla Motors, Mars, Siemens and many other blue-chip companies.

All product fulfilment, pre & post-sales support and the all-important training classes are handled by our distribution partners, so we are simply providing the heavy lifting comprising of the product demo, and back-office support to get the ball rolling.

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